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About us

Brenda Myers Maas has been successfully representing a wide variety of corporate and individual clients throughout the state of Iowa since 1992.  From small business owners to large corporate clients, Myers Maas Law, PLC handles all business matters including incorporation, contract negotiation, contract preparation, contract disputes, collections, insurance subrogation claims, commercial litigation, trials, and appeals.  


Myers Maas Law, PLC has a long history of representing individuals who have suffered personal injury and property damage including motor vehicle accidents, trip and falls, slip and falls, and malpractice. Since 1992, Brenda Myers Maas has assisted neighboring landowners in obtaining injunctive relief and nuisance damages against confined feeding animal operations [CAFOs], ethanol facilities, grain facilities, composting facilities, petroleum dispensing and storage facilities, and other commercial facilities that unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of property.


For over twenty years, Brenda Myers Maas has represented clients with environmental issues including petroleum contamination from leaking underground storage tanks, contaminated dry cleaning facilities, real estate transactions involving contaminated properties, and contract disputes involving contaminated properties.  Myers Maas Law, PLC represents corporate and individual clients in defective construction cases as well as other general civil litigation.        

Our Dedication to the Lawyer’s Oath and Our Clients:

In 1992, after successful completion of the Iowa Bar Exam, I raised my right hand and swore to abide by the “Lawyer’s Oath” which is required of all new lawyers before they are allowed to practice law in the State of Iowa.  That Oath provides, in relevant part:


As a zealous advocate and counselor for my clients, I will:

(1) Strive to be worthy of trust and respect;

(2) Counsel clients to maintain only those disputes supported by law and the legal process;

(3) Use only those means that are consistent with justice;

(4) Maintain the confidences of my clients as required by law;

(5) Support the cause of the defenseless or oppressed.


As a member of the legal community, I will strive to represent the legal profession as one of justice, honor, civility and service. For over twenty years, I have done my best to uphold that Oath and everything it stands for.